Empathy Game Design: A Quick Introduction

SWPACA15-PreConWorkshopsLed by Carly Kocurek (Illinois Institute of Technology), participants will explore the emerging genre of empathy games, which includes titles such as Depression Quest, Spent, That Dragon, Cancer, and dys4ia,and work collaboratively to conceptualize games of their own. No technical knowledge or prior experience is necessary.

The workshop is limited to 10 participants, and the goal is for participants to leave with a game concept and list of potential development tools. The limited number of participants will ensure that everyone involved will get the time and attention they need.

Registration is open. If you would like to enroll in the workshop, please email a 100-250 word statement of interest to the Area Research Coordinator (Jennifer deWinter at jdewinter@wpi.edu) and Carly Kocurek (ckocurek@iit.edu). Nota bene: There is no charge for the workshop (for registered conference presenters/attendees).