#SWPACA16 Conference App Now Available!

Guidebook App

Guidebook App. Search SWPACA16 in the app.

The Southwest Popular/American Culture Association (SWPACA) is pleased to announce that that we are using a conference app this year. The app contains information about the schedule, conference features, and nearby local restaurant. Among other features, the app will allow you to build a customized, personal schedule, take notes, and network with other conference attendees.

To download the app for Apple (iOS), Android, Amazon, and Blackberry 10+ devices, visit the appropriate app store and download the free “Guidebook” app. Once downloaded, search for our guide: “SWPACA2016″. You may also access the guide via any web browser by visiting https://guidebook.com/g/SWPACA2016/, choosing “Find a Guide,” and searching “SWPACA2016“.