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Introducing the SWPACA Code of Conduct

2018-Code-of-ConductWe are pleased to announce that the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association has developed a Code of Conduct for all participants in SWPACA conference related events. The Code of conduct has been developed toA�maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to academic inquiry and growth and which provides a safe, respectful, and enjoyable experience for all.

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with these important guidelines at the link below.

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#SWPACA18 Breaking Bad Tour Registration Now Open!

0AFFAB51-ED3D-45CD-B719-F699F6DDA2D5Join us on this guided driving tour of iconic a�?Breaking Bada�? and a�?Better Call Saula�? filming sites in Albuquerque. The expected duration of the tour is: 3-3.5 hours, weather permitting. Space is limited, so pre-registration will be required.

Saturday, 2/10/2018 at 1:15pm. Registered participants will meet at the conference Registration Desk.

This guided tour will be conducted with multiple carloads of participants, communicating through portable CB radios provided by the tour leader. The amount of participants will be determined by how many people with cars sign up and how many people can fit in those cars. Since we rely on volunteer drivers, submitting this form does not indicate a guarantee of participation

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Spotlight: Pre-Conference Workshop! Self-Publishing: Advice, Alerts, and Anecdotes with Susan Fanetti, Wednesday, February 7 at 8:30am

Pre-Con-IconNot so long ago, self-publishing was sneered at as a�?vanity presses,a�? but the Kindle Era has changed all that. Self-publishing is no longer that thing thata��s stuffed in a box collecting dust in your rich unclea��s attic. Now indie authors are a commercial powerhouse and an industry in and of themselves. Indies often make the New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists, and they are routinely perched atop the Amazon lists. New writers find an audience, renegade writers push genre boundaries that defy industry constraints, and established writers with long histories in traditional publishing release new titles independently, where royalties are substantially higher. Succeeding as an indie author is not just a matter of slapping words down and clicking a�?publish,a�? however. Finding your audience and making your mark requires real work and a deep understanding of the industry from every perspectivea��writing, production, marketing, public relationsa��as well as an understanding of how, what, and with whom you want to create and cultivate your author a�?brand.a�? During this workshop, Ia��ll share with you my experiences as a successful indie author of more than thirty romance novels, (including the bestselling Signal Bend series), and offer some tips about how to find, and define, your success in the industry.

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Spotlight: Pre-Conference Workshop! Writing Marathon: No Sprinting Required, Wednesday, February 7 at 8:30am

Pre-Con-IconIn A Moveable Feast Hemingway wrote, a�?You belong to me and all Paris belongs to me and I belong to this notebook and this pencila�? (6). Hemingway is giving voice to what writers have known for agesa��writers only truly know a place once theya��ve written there. The Writing Marathon takes this truth and the work of other writersa��Natalee Goldberg, Kim Stafford, and Richard Loutha��to create a writing experience that is rich, liberating, and impactful. Originally started in New Orleans, writing marathons have been held throughout the U.S. with writers of all ages and experience levels. The writing marathon being offered at the SWPCA conference will be a morning marathon, focusing on downtown Albquerque, and only requires that participants have a desire to write. No experience, previous publications in peer-reviewed journals, or sprinting required.

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Spotlight: Pre-Conference Workshop! From Concept to Book with Cynthia Miller and Stephen Ryan, Wednesday, February 7 at 8:30am

Pre-Con-IconDo you want to turn your scholarly idea, article, presentation, or book into a volume that reaches a broader audience? This workshop, conducted by author and editor Cynthia Miller and Stephen Ryan, Senior Editor for Rowman & Littlefield, will focus on practical suggestions for framing your scholarly project in ways that will appeal to a wide range of educated readers as well as the scholarly community. The workshop will demonstrate not only how to move from a�?Ia��ve got a great idea,a�? to a book proposal, and beyond; we’ll talk about how to broaden your target audience while retaining scholarly rigor and integrity. Feel free to bring material from current projects to discuss and work on!

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#SWPACA18 Pre-Conference Workshops

Pre-Con-IconRegistration for pre-conference workshops are now open! Join workshop leaders Cynthia Miller, Stephen Ryan, Kathryn Lane, and Susan Fanetti as they kick off the conference with workshops on publishing and writing! Register now atA�! (NOTE: Fees apply.)

#SWPACA18 CFP Now Closed

2018-Submission-ClosedThe Southwest Popular/American Culture Association would like to thank everyone who has submitted a proposal for the 39th annual conference to be held in Albuquerque, NM, February 7-10, 2018.A�All submissions are new closed.


#SWPACA18 CFP Extension!

CFP-Countdown-2018-EXTENSIONThe Southwest Popular/American Culture Association has extended the deadline for A�paper proposals for the 39th annual conference to be held in Albuquerque, NM, February 7-10, 2017.A�The deadline is now November 15, 2017.

To submit your paper, navigate to ourA�Call for PapersA�page, and find the subject area that fits your topic. Detailed instructions can be found on that page, and the expanded descriptions for each subject area. We look forward to all of your proposals!

#SWPACA18 CFP Highlight: Eclectica

EclecticaA�is the subject area for topics with no other home. Find more subject areas on ourA�call for papersA�page as well!

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Eclectica: For Topics with No Other Home
Jeff Clayton, PhD, Lee College, English,

Open Description

Proposals are now being accepted for one of SWPACAa��s newest areas, Eclectica. We are interested in papers, panels, and roundtables that do not fit into traditional areas, with an emphasis on the interdisciplinary and experimental. Proposals on topics not covered by another area are encouraged as well, but please review the complete list of areas first to confirm that the proposal does not fit into one of them.
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See more subject areas on ourA�call for papers page!