Graduate Awards 2005

2005 Graduate Student Awards

Mike K. Shoenecke Award for American Culture

Dana Byrd, University of Delaware-Winterthur Museum
“Way Finding: Work, Space and Evangelism at a Truck Stop Chapel”

Phyllis Bridges Graduate Award for Biography

Amy Hart, Central Missouri State University
“Answering the Call: Kansas City Journalism Pioneers, Ada Crogman Franklin and Lucile Harris Bluford”

Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing

Gail Folkins, Texas Tech University
“Three-Cheek Kiss” (essay)

Diana Cox Award for Images of Women in Popular Culture

Jennifer Perrine, Florida State University
“A Cyborg Manifest: Haraway’s Hybrids, Feminism, and the Alien Tetralogy”

Peter C. Rollins Award for Popular Culture

Shannon Hays, University of California, Davis
“Aesthetic Laxatives: Poetics and ‘A Little Dogme Pill’ ”

The Charles Redd Center Award for Western Studies

Robin Somers, San Jose State University
“An All-American Indian Pedagogy for English 1A”

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Award for Southwestern Culture

Diana Meneses, Arizona State University
“Annie Antone and Terrol Johnson: Tohono O’odham Basket Weavers Creating Tradition”

Lawrence Clayton Award for Texas Culture

Carolyn Kennedy, Texas Tech University
“Home Sweet Home”

Kenneth Davis Award for Folklore Studies (Co-winners)

Melissa Huffman, Angelo State University
“Cultural Death and Renewal in Gloria Anzaldua’s ‘La Curandera’ ”

Matthew C. Schildt, Kent State University Stark Campus
“America Vernacular Music in Virgil Thomson’s Score for ‘The Plow That Broke the Plains’ “