Graduate Awards 2006

2006 Graduate Student Award Winners

Peter C. Rollins Award for Popular Culture

Angela Frye Keaton, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
“Backyard Desperadoes: American Attitudes: Concerning Children and Toy Guns in the Atomic Age”

The Charles Redd Center Award for Western Studies

Ian Bickford, The Graduate Center of the City of New York University
“The Wrong Tools: Ondaatje’s Absenteeism from Billy (the Kid) to Anil (the Ghost)”

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Award for Southwestern Culture

Kristina Jacobsen, Columbia University
“Johnny Horton’s Sweethearts: Skip Dance Songs, Honky Tonk Music, and Cultural Nostalgia in 1950”

Diana Cox Award for Images of Women in Popular Culture

Cynthia Headley, California State University San Marcos
“Slaying the Deficit in Disability”

Phyllis Bridges Award for Biography Studies

Crystal M. Kurzen, The University of Texas at Austin
“Autobiographical Relationships: The Trope of Marriage in Imaginary Parents by Sheila Ortiz Taylor and Sandra Ortiz Taylor”

Mike K. Shoenecke Award for American Culture (Co-winners)

Katie Egging, University of Kansas
“The Ritual of Brat Camp”

Michelle Stewart, University of California-Davis
“From CSI to Amber Alert Signs: The Crime Culture in Dialogue and Performance”

Kenneth Davis Award for Folklore Studies

Jessie L. Adolph, University of Missouri-Columbia
“Black Sermon Discourse in the Black Arts Movement Poetry”

Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing

Samuel Snoek-Brown, University of North Texas
“Barefoot in the Guadalupe”