Graduate Awards 2009

2009 Graduate Student Award Winners

Michael K. Schoenecke Award for American Culture

Judge: Dr. Diana Cox

Andrew Harrington, Claremont Graduate University
“Beyond the Box Score: Cultural Hegemony as Seen Through the 1968 World Series”

Phyllis Bridges Graduate Award for Biography

Judges: Profs. Melinda McBee, Phyllis Bridges, Delores Zumwalt

No Award Winner

Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing

Judge: Dr. Jill Patterson

Charlotte Albrecht, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
“The Sweetness of Hauntings”

Diana Cox Award for Images of Women

Judge: Dr. Monica Ganas

Jennifer Marciniak, Texas A&M University, Corpus Christi
“Suns and Daughters: The Role of Marxism and Women in Khaled Hosseini’s A Thousand Splendid Suns

Peter C. Rollins Award for Best Graduate Paper on Popular Culture (co-winners)

Judges: Profs. Phil Heldrich, Rhonda Taylor, Lynnea Chapman King

Drew Lyness, University of Wyoming
“Pathologising Poverty: Homeless Others in a Digital World”

Mindy Clegg, Department of History, Georgia State University
“Punk Rock in the Negative on American Television: The punk episodes of Quincy M.E. and House M.D.”

Post Script Graduate Student Award in Film Studies (co-winners)

Judges: Dr. Lynnea Chapman King, Dr. Tobias Hochscherf

David Gray, San Francisco State University
“Essaying History: The Cinema of Amir Muhammad”

Jeff Stuckey, University of Central Oklahoma
“There’s no “X” in Oklahoma: The Motion Picture Association of America and Film”

The Charles Redd Center Award for Western Studies

Judge: Dr. Dennis Cutchins

No Award Winner

Lawrence Clayton Award for Texas Culture

Judge: Dr. Kenneth Davis

No Award Winner

Euro Pop Award [Sponsored by Jack Hutchens]

Judge: Prof. Jack J. Hutchins

No Award Winner

Kenneth Davis Folklore Award

Judges: Drs. Christopher Smith and Steve Davis

No Award Winner

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Award

Judges: Drs. Ken Dvorak and Phil Heldrich

No Award Winner