Graduate Awards 2012

2012 Graduate Student Award Winners

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Award for Southwestern Culture

Judges: Ken Dvorak and Julie Anne Taddeo

Katie Councilor (University of Wisconsin, Madison)
“Alice Stevens Tipton’s The Original New Mexico Cookery and the Rhetoric of Food in Modernizing New Mexico”

Computer Culture and Game Studies Award

Judges: Joseph Chaney and Andrew Chen

Jenna Nicole Pack (University of Arizona)
“From the Page to the Screen: Towards a Model of Interactivity in Reading Practices”

Diana Cox Award for Images of Women

Judge: Monica Ganas

Ila Tyagi (Columbia University)
“Women Are What Women Eat: Femininity and Food in Bridesmaids”

Euro Pop Award for European Cultural Issue

Judge: Jack Hutchens

Jacqueline H. Harris (University of Nebraska, Lincoln)
“The Animal and Human Soul: Performing Evolution and Fear in Hans Christian Andersen’s ‘The Little Mermaid’ and Gustave Doré’s Fairy Tale Illustrations”

Kenneth Davis Award for Folklore Studies

Judge: James Bell

Elaine Cho (Texas Woman’s University)
“Understanding Korean Shamanism and Its Folkloric Functions”

Michael K. Schoenecke Award for American Culture

Judge: Diana Cox

Carin Jorgensen (University of St. Thomas)
“Scalpel to Sketch: the History of Medical Illustrations at the Turn of the Century”

Peter C. Rollins Award for Popular Culture Issue

Judges: Lynnea Chapman King and Rhonda Harris Taylor

Annie Sugar (University of Colorado, Boulder)
“This Bud’s Not For You: Feminine Images and Omission in Television Beer Commercials for Generation X”

Phyllis Bridges Award for Biography

Judge: Melinda McBee

Julie Williams (University of New Mexico)
“Female Embodiment and the Western Landscape in The Story of Mary MacLane”

Post Script Graduate Student Award in Film Studies

Judges: Lynnea Chapman King and Tobias Hochscherf

Tie for 2012:

Steven Malcic (University of California, Santa Barbara)
“Redistributing the Spectacle: Montage and Detournement in the Synecdochic Regime”

Mihaela Mihailova (Yale University)
“You Were Not So Very Different from a Hobbit Once: Motion Capture as an Estrangement Device in Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings Trilogy”

Richard Tuerk “Out of This World” Paper Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy

Judge: Tamy Burnett

Dibyadyuti Roy (West Virginia University)
“Reconfiguring Post-nuclear Apocalyptic Spaces: Allegories of Hyperliteracy in The Book of Eli and The Matrix”

Awards not issued in 2012:

Charles Redd Center Award for Western Studies

Judge: Dennis Cutchins

Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing

Judge: Nathan Brown

Lawrence Clayton Award for Texas Culture

Judge: Kenneth Davis

Susan Rollins Award for Museum Studies and Public History

Judges: Janet Brennan Croft and Rhonda Harris Taylor