Graduate Awards 2015

Computer Culture and Game Studies Award
Judges: Natasha Chuk and Jennifer deWinter

Nathan Hall, Baylor University
Simulacraft: “Minecraft” as a Postmodern Artefact

Diana Cox Award for Images of Women
Judge: Monica Ganas

Ashanka Kumari, University of Nebraska – Lincoln
“You and I”: Identity and the Performance of Self in Lady Gaga and Beyoncé

Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing
Judge: Nathan Brown

Kelly Weber, Wayne State College
Poems: Yes, Tarantulas in Paradise, and More

Kenneth Davis Award for Folklore Studies
Judge: Phyllis Bridges

Dulce Haviland, Rollins College
A Heroine Emerges in Three Animal Bridegroom Tales

Peter C. Rollins Award for Popular Culture Issue
Judges: Chuck Hamilton and Rhonda Harris Taylor

Jordan Stewart-Rozema, Emory University
Living Text: Fanfiction as Contemporary Narrative Form

Phil Heldrich Award for Popular Culture Pedagogy
Judges: Erik Walker and Kurt Depner

Mariam Kushkaki, Arizona State University
“Why Are You Buying Comics for Class?”: A Pop Culture Curriculum for First-Year Composition

Post Script Graduate Student Award in Film Studies
Judges: Lynnea Chapman King and Tobias Hochscherf

Eric Lackey, University of Kansas
Cinematic Realism and Contemporary U.S. Cinema of Immigrant Labor

Richard Tuerk “Out of This World” Paper Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy
Judge: Brian Cowlishaw

Anne Krogh, University of Wyoming
Reconfiguring the Nation: House Lannister and the Collapse of U.S. Hegemony

Susan Rollins Award for Museum Studies and Public History
Judges: Janet Brennan Croft and David Oberhelman

Sara Woodbury, Roswell Museum and Art Center
Eclectic Collecting: The Roswell Museum and Art Center’s Southwest Material Culture