Graduate Awards 2017

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Judges: Erin Giannini & Shane Trayers

Tolonda Henderson, George Washington University
The Statue and the Sign: The Origins and Significance of the Memorials to the Potter Family

Television, Music, & Visual Media
Judges: Chuck Hamilton & Debbie Olson

Jayne Simpson, University of Texas San Antonio
Country Love Songs as Support of Detrimental Ideas of Masculinity – Tyler Farr’s ‘Redneck Crazy’

Historic & Contemporary Cultures
Judges: Stacy Rusnak & Jennifer Jenkins

Kalyn Prince, Abilene Christian University
We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident:
The Intertextual Appeal of Hamilton: An American Musical

Languages & Literatures
Judges: David Oberhelman & Helen McCourt

Haythem Bastawy, Leeds Trinity University
Anglo French Arabian Nights: One Thousand and One Nights in European Myths and Fairy Tales

Popular Culture Pedagogy
Judge: Kurt Depner & Michael Howarth

Maggie Melo & Antonnet Johnson, University of Arizona
Teaching Technical Writing through Designing and Running Escape Rooms

Creative Writing
Robert Galin, Gretchen Johnson, & Lyman Grant

Eric Lackey, University of Kansas
The Greenest Burial