Graduate Awards 2018

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Judges: Erin Giannini & Shane Trayers

Adam Heidebrink-Bruno, Lehigh University
New Religions at the End of the World: Radical Subjects and the Culture of Late Capitalism

Television, Music, & Visual Media
Judges: Chuck Hamilton & Debbie Olson

Benjamin Riggs, Northwestern University
Revising MythBusters: Serial Television and Scientific Progress

Historic & Contemporary Cultures
Judges: Stacy Rusnak & Jennifer Jenkins

Angelia R. Giannoone, University of Arizona
Who are Maker Kits For?: Discourses and Barriers to Entry for Laypersons Using Electronic DIY Maker Kits

Identities & Cultures
Judges: Jack Hutchins & Margaret Vaughan

Lillian Dickerson, Wichita State University
Disability’s Black Mark and a Search for Companionship through Murder, Reverie, or Otherwise: Devil Bug’s Journey through Quaker City

Popular Culture Pedagogy
Judge: Kurt Depner & Michael Howarth

Sarah Hancock Jones, Weber State University
Innovating Beers’ and Probsts’ Six Signposts with Media: A Model for Successfully Engaging Developing Junior High Readers in Comprehension Instruction through the Use of Popular Animated Short Films

Creative Writing
Robert Galin & Gretchen Johnson

Tea Gerbeza, University of Regina
Family Album