Graduate Awards 2019

Science Fiction & Fantasy
Judges: Erin Giannini & Shane Trayers

Austin Jenkins, North Carolina State University
The Holy Half-Giant: Hagrid as the Virgin Mary in the Harry Potter Series

PostScript Award for Film Studies
Judges: Lynnea Chapman King & Allen Redmon

Aaron Pinnix, Fordham University
Night of the Living Dead Dissects the News: Race, the 1967 Riots, and Dead Neighbors

Historic & Contemporary Cultures
Judges: Stacy Rusnak & Jennifer Jenkins

Stephen Gluckman, Temple University
Th’ honor of liberatin’, or Gass Angriff: Comedy as Freedom in Mauldin’s Willie and Joe

Identities & Cultures
Judges: Jack Hutchins & Margaret Vaughan

Jessica Yu, University of Melbourne
Realising the Asian Body on MasterChef Australia

Popular Culture Pedagogy
Judge: Kurt Depner & Michael Howarth

Ann T. Torrusio, Maryville University
Tweeting in the Sciences: The Art of the Tweetable Scientific Abstract in an Undergraduate Science Writing Course

Creative Writing
Robert Galin & Gretchen Johnson

Jennifer Buentello, Texas Tech University