FAQs for 2024 SWPACA Conference


How many proposals am I allowed to submit?

You may submit up to two proposals, provided that one is in creative writing. However, the submission system only allows each user to submit one proposal; if you would like to submit a second proposal in creative writing, please send the submission directly to Kathleen Lacey (klacey@southwestpca.org) and she can submit it to the CMS on your behalf.

How do I decide what area to submit my proposal?

Each area has its own description, which you can find here: https://southwestpca.org/conference/call-for-papers/. Please be sure to read through them before choosing an area. If you find that your proposal could potentially fall into multiple areas, choose the area that is the proposal’s primary focus.

Can I edit my proposal after I submit it?

We understand that typos happen, or that folks may want to make small changes to titles or abstracts, and/or add presenters. If you need to edit your proposal, please email Kathleen Lacey (klacey@southwestpca.org). Additionally, keep in mind that adding presenters indicates everyone attached to the proposal will be at the conference to present. If you want to significantly change your proposal, you may need to cancel your current one and resubmit.

Can I present virtually?

Unfortunately, no. All presenters are expected to present live and in person. Due to limitations of available technology infrastructure, budget, and staffing, we are unable to provide streaming or videoconferences of conference sessions. The internet on site is not able to handle streaming participation for individual presenters (ie: videoconferencing or zooming of sessions). We also cannot guarantee individuals’ private wifi signals will have strong enough reception to hotspot individual panels (experience suggests such attempts would be unsuccessful), and Marriott AV staff will not be able to support private devices in this capacity. If you are looking for virtual options, the SWPACA Summer Salon, to be held in June, is a completely virtual conference; submissions will open in March 2024.


Where do I register for the 2024 Conference?

You will register for the conference in the submission portal: https://register.southwestpca.org/southwestpca/. You can find the tiered registration rates here: https://southwestpca.org/conference/conference-registration-information/.

How is my registration fee used?

SWPACA is an independent non-profit organization; we are neither associated with nor supported by any institution or organization. All PCAs in the US (including Nationals) are independent of one another. Our executive team, area chairs, and awards judges are all volunteers and do not receive any compensation for their work. Putting on a conference of this size requires substantial costs related to conference spaces, presentation rooms, technology, and other amenities; your registration fee allows us to meet these costs.

Can I register more than one person at a time?

Yes! The person doing the registering will need to create an account and submit the details for all the users they are registering. The MOST IMPORTANT thing is that the email addresses used for each registrant match the email address used to create an account for that user in the system. The email address will tie the paid registration to conference access for that user.

My institution requires a more substantial receipt than the one I received via email after I submitted my payment. Who do I contact for a detailed invoice?

We understand that different institutions have different requirements about receipts for reimbursements. If your institution requires additional financial documentation, please contact Tamy Burnett (tburnett@soutwestpca.org) or Kathleen Lacey (klacey@southwestpca.org) for assistance.


When will the conference schedule be available?

The conference schedule will be available via the Conference Management System and in PDF on our website in late December or early January. The conference app, which will also include the schedule, will be available the week of the conference.


Why is it important to stay in the conference block at the Marriott Albuquerque?

In addition to providing you ease of access to conference sessions and activities, staying in the conference hotel is an act of good citizenship to help ensure that the our hotel block is filled. Part of SWPACA’s contract with the Marriott Albuquerque that allows us access to conference rooms and amenities like free wifi, is filling the hotel room block. If we do not meet this requirement, SWPACA faces significant financial penalties, which will negatively impact our ability to fulfill our mission and to host future conferences. Room reservations at the Marriott can be made with the conference rate through February 1, 2024.

Do you provide any travel funding assistance for the conference?

We provide travel awards for a select number of graduate and undergraduate students. Application instructions can be found here: https://southwestpca.org/conference/graduate-student-awards/#travel. Unfortunately, we cannot provide any assistance beyond these awards.

I’m an international presenter, and I need a travel visa. Can you provide documentation to help with my application?

Yes! We are happy to provide a letter of invitation provided that you have submitted a proposal, been accepted to present, and paid registration. We will not provide an invitation letter if these conditions have not been met. You can find out more about this process here: https://southwestpca.org/conference/registration/international-invitation-letter-request/.


How do I know when I’ll be presenting on my panel?

Typically, the area chair or session chair will follow the order of presentations in the program/schedule. Each presenter has 15 minutes to present their paper. All presenters are expected to be present throughout their panel’s entire scheduled time.

What should I expect at the conference in terms of how sessions will run, being a panel moderator, or available technology?

Please see our FAQs for full details on all these topics on our website.