Otherness, Survival and Hope: Pedagogies in Popular Media, of Dialogue

The Southwest Popular/American Culture Association in proud to announce Volume 6, Issue 3 — Otherness, Survival and Hope: Pedagogies in Popular Media of Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy. The editors and authors have put together a thoughtful and compelling issue. We invite you to visit www.journaldialouge.org now to read it now.

Table of Contents


From the News to Zombies: Teaching and Learning about Otherness in Popular Culture
Anna CohenMiller

Section 1: Learning about Otherness within the Formal Education

“I am a Conversation”: Media Literacy, Queer Pedagogy, and Steven Universe in College Curriculum
Misty Thomas

Using news to start class: How small daily interactions affect larger classroom interactions
Laura Dumin

Section 2: Informal learning for Survival

“No te voy a dejar nunca” – Culture and Second Language Acquisition for Survival in Fear the Walking Dead
Sharon Marie Nuruddin

Section 3: Societal Learning as Control, Conflict, and Hope

Consider the Dementor
Tracy Bealer

Zombie Literature: Analyzing the Fear of the Unknown through Popular Culture
T. Hunter Strickland

Resistance, Race, and Myth: A Survey of American Popular Music Culture in the 20th Century
Scott Church

Online-Only Short Articles

Musings on Popular Culture

A Pedagogy of Embodiment: The Life and Work of Queer Playwright Maria Irene Fornés
Tabitha Parry Collins