Graduate Awards 2014

Charles Redd Center Award for Western Studies
Judge: Dennis Cutchins

Kelly Atwood (Northern Arizona University)
“Celebrating Together While Living Apart: Mexicans and Euro-Americans in Jerome, Arizona, 1910-1930”

Computer Culture and Game Studies Award
Judges: Joseph Chaney and Andrew Chen

Noah J. Springer (University of Colorado, Boulder)
“Scumbags, Good Guys, and Good Girls: Online Memes as Contemporary Myths”

Euro Pop Award for European Cultural Issue
Judge: Jack Hutchens

Julia Gueron (Tulane University)
“Enfin, Ce N’est Pas a Nous: French Television and the Expert in the Public Sphere”

Kenneth Davis Award for Folklore Studies
Judge: Phyllis Bridges

Alexis Milmine (Texas Woman’s University)
“Monstrous Gothic Bodies and Cursed Objects: An Examination of American Vampire Folklore in Edgar Allen Poe’s The Fall of the House of Usher and Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The House of the Seven Gables

Lawrence Clayton Award for Texas Culture
Judge: Kenneth Davis

L.E. Neal (Texas State University)
“From Texas Cotton Fields to Dance Halls: Urbanization and the Birth of Western Swing Music”

Michael K. Schoenecke Award for American Culture
Judge: Diana Cox
Wade Walker (Louisiana State University)
“The Truman Justification: A Transcendence Toward Knowledge from Diary to Public Address”

Peter C. Rollins Award for Popular Culture Issue
Judges: Chuck Hamilton and Rhonda Harris Taylor

Robert Lipscomb (University of Nebraska – Lincoln)
“Failure Reconnaissance: Spatial Liberation, Temporal Progress, and the It Gets Better Project”

Phil Heldrich Award for Popular Culture Pedagogy
Judges: Erik Walker and Kurt Depner

Madelyn Tucker (University of Arizona)
“Academic Riot Grrrl: Zines as a Pedagogic Tool in the First Year Composition Classroom”

Post Script Graduate Student Award in Film Studies
Judges: Lynnea Chapman King and Tobias Hochscherf

Mia Mangs (Florida Atlantic University)
“Imported from Germany: Historically Locating the Arrival of The Blue Angel (1930) in the United States”

Richard Tuerk “Out of This World” Paper Award for Science Fiction and Fantasy
Judge: Brian Cowlishaw

William Korver (Oklahoma State University)
“Over There and Back Again: The Impact of the Great War on the Life and Writings of J.R.R. Tolkien”

Susan Rollins Award for Museum Studies and Public History
Judges: Janet Brennan Croft and Rhonda Harris Taylor

Lillian Makeda (University of New Mexico)
“The Myth of the Indian Trader: Living History at Hubbell Trading Post”

Awards not issued in 2014

Albuquerque Convention and Visitors Bureau Award for Southwestern Culture
Judge: Ken Dvorak 

Diana Cox Award for Images of Women
Judge: Monica Ganas 

Jerry Bradley Award for Creative Writing
Judge: Nathan Brown

Phyllis Bridges Award for Biography
Judge: Melinda McBee