Graduate Awards 2016

Science Fiction and Fantasy
Judge: Erin Giannini

Samantha Vertosick
“Beyond the Veil”: The Narrative Functions of Death in the Harry Potter Series

Film, Television, Music, & Visual Media
Judges: Debbie Olson & Chuck Hamilton

Julia Moeseneder
“Urbanity in the Post-Apocalypse”: The Production of Space in AMC’s The Walking Dead

Historic & Contemporary Cultures
Judges: Janet Croft, Stacy Rusnak, & Jennifer Jenkins

Stephanie Redekop
“the madman is holy”: Madness and Spirituality in Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl”

Languages & Literatures
Judges: David Oberhelman & Helen McCourt

John Lewis
Biblical Allusions and Individual Theologies in McCarthy’s The Road

Identities & Cultures
Judges: Jack Hutchins & Margaret Vaughan

Jennifer Fierke
Jennifer Phang’s Advantageous: Equipment for the Disembodied