#FeatureFriday: Meet the Fellows! Jessie Rogers

👩🏼 Jessie Rogers (she/her)
📍 Lubbock, TX
📚 PhD Candidate, Department of English @ Texas Tech

❓ What are your research interests?
I specialize in comics, fantasy, and film in popular culture, examining the intersectional aspects of gender, race, sexuality, class, and disability that arise within these genres and formats.

❓ What got you interested in pop/American culture studies?
I was very interested in speculative fiction growing up and pop culture studies gave me avenues for exploring the texts and genres I grew up loving, allowing me to see them in new ways based on my interests in identity and representation.

❓ What are your goals as a SWPACA Leadership Institute Fellow?
As a Fellow, I would love to try to encourage interdisciplinary work for myself and for others—while I am currently involved with the Graphic Novels area of the conference, I would really like to also involve myself with other areas like Children’s Literature and Medievalism and promote collaboration between areas. I am also hoping to learn more about general conference organization!

❓ What is your current pop culture passion/obsession?
I’ve been re-reading Saga recently, especially with the new issues that started coming out earlier this year, and I’ve just started a Doctor Who rewatch!

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