Thank you for attending the 2014 meeting!

thank-you-for-attending-2013The Southwest PCA Executive Team would like to thank all participants and guests who attended the 35th annual meeting of the Southwest Popular/American Culture Association, held in Albuquerque, New Mexico, February 19-22, 2014. We enjoyed meeting with you, hearing your presentations, and visiting with you at the various functions throughout the week; we hope that your time at the conference was stimulating and rewarding.

We would especially like to thank our honored guests and keynote speakers, Dr. Spencer Herrera, Levi Romero, and Robert Kaiser, who presented portions of their book Sagrado: A Photopoetics Across the Chicano Homeland (UNM Press, 2013). Special thanks, as well, to Dr. Alisa Perren, author of the Rollins Book Award for her work Indie, Inc: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s (U of Texas Press, 2012). Photos from the keynote and the awards ceremony are available on the Southwest PCA site.

If you’ve not had opportunity to visit the new journal site, we would encourage you to do so.  The inaugural issue of Dialogue: The Interdisciplinary Journal of Popular Culture and Pedagogy is available at, and the second issue is forthcoming this Fall.

The Southwest PCA invites you to join us at our 36th annual conference, to be held February 11-14, 2015, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Albuquerque, where our conference theme will be “Many Faces, Many Voices: Intersecting Borders in Popular and American Culture.” We look forward to seeing you there and to the next 35 years and beyond in popular culture studies.

Until then,

Lynnea, Ken, Kelli, Tamy, and Chris
Southwest PCA Executive Team